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Economic development of Orsha district

ORSHANCHINA is one of the most Private regions for investment in the web region of the Republic of Belarus. SITE ADVANTAGES: broad economy-geographical and geopolitical position; political, social and economic stability; a favourable professional-climatic conditions, high scientific and technical potential and promise; the selection of personnel. The district has no restrictions on the provision of industrial and social facilities of electric and thermal energy. In the region there are 5 of the 16 sectors of the Free economic zone "Vitebsk". In these territorial sectors of LT there is a special legal regime of taxation, value, customs and other regulation for business. For investors in these sectors, the system of state investment Grants is being extended.

INDUSTRIAL POTENTIAL: the industry of the region is represented by enterprises of mechanical engineering, metal processing, building materials, light, meat and dairy and food industries. The range of products is diverse: linen fabrics, metal-cutting machines, tools for metal processing, silicate bricks, knitwear and garments, food and others. Currently, seven organizations Orsha region are residents of the free economic zone "Vitebsk": foreign companies "Mannooligosaccharides Bel" (Poland/Belarus), "LINPAC Packagings" (UK), "Orsha aircraft repair plant" (Belarus/Ukraine), " Raw materials BEL" (Italy/Belarus), companys "Orsha linen mill" (Belarus), "communication technology" (Belarus), "Zavod Legmash" (Belarus).

AGRICULTURAL POTENTIAL: there are 15 agricultural enterprises in the region, including 2 pig-breeding complexes, a complex for fattening cattle, a poultry farm, a branch of "Teplichny" republican enterprise "Vitsebsk power", engaged in growing vegetables, and more than 35 farms.

FOREIGN MARKETS: the products produced in the region are oriented to foreign markets and supplied to 63 countries. The basis of exports of goods are linen fabrics, milk and dairy products, egg, plastic containers, pipes, tubes and hoses of vulcanized rubber, machine tools, grinding, cement products, concrete, artificial stone and sand.

The GEOGRAPHY of TRADING PARTNERS: main – Russian Federation (more than 50% of the total foreign trade turnover), Poland, Ukraine, Germany, Lithuania, the Netherlands, France, China, Argentina and Belgium. As a result of diversification of export supplies, the enterprises of the region mastered the markets of Australia, Canada, Korea, the United Arab Emirates, Serbia, Thailand, Turkey, Montenegro, Switzerland.

INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS: Orsha land is famous for its openness and is ready for mutually beneficial cooperation. With 27 cities and districts established contractual and sister-city relations. Mutual visits, meetings and exchange of delegations are constantly held. BUSINESS CLIMATE: Orsha region was recognized as the winner of the republican contest in the nomination “The best district for business in Belarus”. In the region there are unitary consulting company “Orsha Regional Center for Entrepreneurship Support”, Orsha branch of the unitary enterprise “Vitebsk branch of the Belarusian Chamber of Commerce and Industry”, Orsha branch of the small business incubator LLC Law and Order legal group, LLC ALRIIKO in Barani with preferential business conditions.

CONSTRUCTION INFRASTRUCTURE, TRANSPORT AND COMMUNICATION: an area set aside for the construction of residential buildings of varying height as individual developers and entities. Performance of the main contract works on construction, reconstruction of highways, preparation of sites for construction in the region is carried out by the state enterprise "UKS of Orsha district", "Orsha construction trust № 18", construction and installation train № 724 JSC "Trest Beltransstroy", branch "Orsha DRSU № 181" and others. In the region, passenger transportation is carried out on 25 urban, 45 suburban and 4 intercity routes with departure from Orsha.

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