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Acceptance of appeals from citizens and legal entities at 8.00

Social sphere

The education system of the Orsha region includes 42 educational establishments.

The region purposefully works for developing creative abilities of children.

The region’s schools have 63 sports societies and sections catering for 1.030 children. There are sections in athletics, skiing, volleyball and cycling.

Some 534 schoolchildren are enrolled in sports junior school of the Olympic reserve under the regional education department.

Ice hockey enjoys great popularity in the region. Young ice-hockey players from the village of Zubovo won the 2007 national ice-hockey competition among the agro-towns Kolosok.

The region’s athletes partake in different international competitions. The region holds an all-the-year round sports meetings among labour collectives in football, volleyball, ice hockey, athletics, draughts, chess, table tennis, basketball, skiing.

Winter and summer sports holidays are major sports events.

The Orsha region is rich in numerous historical, cultural and geological sights. Large boulders remind of the final stage of the ice age, when the former ice desert turned into a land abundant in lakes, rivers, vast forests and hilly plains.