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5 October 2021

Less than 15% of winter crops have yet to be planted in Belarus

Less than 15% of winter crops have yet to be planted in Belarus, BelTA learned from the Belarusian Agriculture and Food Ministry.

As of the morning of 5 October, winter crops were sown on the area of 1.257 million hectares, which is 86.4% of the target area (1,456,100 hectares). The regional breakdown of the sowing progress is as follows: Minsk Oblast (300,700 hectares or 87%), Brest Oblast (228,000 hectares or 97%), Vitebsk Oblast (187,000 hectares or 81%), Grodno Oblast (177,300 hectares or 90%), Gomel Oblast (171,200 hectares or 72%), and Mogilev Oblast (193,600 hectares or 92%).

Grain and leguminous crops (including corn) have been harvested from 2.136 million hectares (90.5% of the target area). Some 6.549 million tonnes of grain have been threshed. Minsk Oblast is leading with more than 1.6 million tonnes threshed. It is followed by Brest Oblast - more than 1.2 million tonnes, Grodno Oblast - more than 1.1 million tonnes, Mogilev Oblast - 865,700 tonnes, Gomel Oblast – 827,600 tonnes, Vitebsk Oblast – 787,800 tonnes.

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