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11 October 2021

Belarus' food export might exceed $6bn in 2021

Belarusian agricultural and processing industries are set to export foodstuffs worth more than $6 billion this year, Belarus' Deputy Agriculture and Food Minister Aleksei Bogdanov told the STV TV channel, BelTA has learned.

According to Aleksei Bogdanov, in January-August 2021 Belarus exported $4.1 million worth of agricultural products, up 10.8% year-on-year. “By the end of the year, Belarusian food exports are expected to exceed $6 billion,” he said.

Commenting on a possible impact of European sanctions on Belarus' exports, the deputy minister noted that Belarus “diversified its foreign trade a long time ago, so that no country would be able to do anything against us”. “And no sanctions will affect us,” Aleksei Bogdanov added. He cited quite interesting statistics: Belarusian food supplies to the EU increased by 43%.

In addition, Belarus is now actively exploring the CIS market and the Asian market. This year exports to China rose by 40% over the previous year (the export was estimated at $216 million).

The deputy minister recently returned from Vladivostok that hosted the Days of the Republic of Belarus in Primorsky Krai during a week. Municipal, agricultural and construction vehicles were displayed on the main square of Vladivostok. The festival also included a cultural program and sports events. Food manufacturers were represented by 11 domestic enterprises, including confectionery, milk processing, meat processing plants.

“This event was aimed at introducing local residents to Belarusian products. I believe that our efforts will be rewarding and we will increase our supplies to this region several times over,” Aleksei Bogdanov said.

According to him, last year the export of products to this region grew by 60-63%; more than $2.1 million worth of foodstuffs were exported, with dairy products dominating the export.

Recently, cooperation with large and local retail chains has been on the rise (for example, Kobrin Butter and Cheese Making Factory will export dry mixtures for the production of soft ice cream through freezers in retail chains). The assortment of Belarusian goods available in Primorsky Krai is expanding.

“We have hit the yearly export - $2 million - in eight months. The figure is 34% higher than in the entire last year. The export will continue to grow in leaps and bounds,” Aleksei Bogdanov said.

In general, when it comes to the Russian market, this year the task is to export as much as last year.

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