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23 May 2022

Kochanova visits Minsk Civil Aviation Plant

Chairperosn of the Council of the Republic of the National Assembly of Belarus Natalya Kochanova visited Minsk Civil Aviation Plant No.407 on 20 May, BelTA has learned.

Minsk Civil Aviation Plant No.407 was established on 8 May 1953. In 2018 the plant moved to a new site located at Minsk National Airport. Today, the company specializes in the overhaul of Tu-134 (all modifications), Yak-40, Yak-42, and also performs operational and periodic maintenance of Il-76T, TD aircraft.

“The enterprise is successful, and export-oriented. It is engaged in the repair and maintenance of aircraft and works with a number of countries,” said Natalya Kochanova. “Of course, there are issues that need to be addressed by related enterprises, which should work more actively on import substitution, the task that has been given by the president. We need to develop paints that could be used in the maintenance of aircraft. That means that related enterprises need to take a look at what else can be done to ensure that there is a full range of high-quality tools to maintain and repair aircraft. Although even today what is done deserves all praise. This praise comes from those who work with this enterprise.”

The speaker stressed that it is necessary to complete the construction of the paint shop. “This is of high importance. When this facility is put into operation, the number of aircraft delivered here for repairs, will be much bigger. Experts say so. We will definitely discuss these issues at government meetings. These projects should be completed to secure orders and work in good conditions. There are great hangars here. They are large, and boast modern building structures. It is a wonderful enterprise, I think,” she said.

The chairperson of the Council of the Republic also emphasized that a wonderful team worked at the enterprise. “In general, the basis of any enterprise is its personnel. There are good traditions of honoring their veteran workers here. This means care for people and this is important. They are professionals in their field, and those who come here to work learn from others, pass on traditions. It is very important that today in the current difficult conditions they have work, contracts for 2023-2024. Additional contracts are being worked out, which means there is plenty of work to do.

I would like to wish that everything turns out well and prosperously for them in the future, and that they work in order to create benefits for our country, and that people feel joy and pride from the work they do,” she said.

The enterprise will celebrate its 70th anniversary next year. “It is noticeable that people here are focused on results. They understand that if they have contractual obligations, they must fulfill them. The enterprise also includes Beldortekhnika, which, although it is a producer of road equipment, has found competences necessary for the aircraft plant, and produce necessary products for it. They have found common ground,” Natalya Kochanova said. “You know, sometimes extraordinary decisions bring necessary result. Today we need to work quickly, efficiently, understand where we can have markets for our products. Of course, the work of the manager and the management team in general is very important here. This team should work smoothly, understanding not only the market of their own country, but above all the world market and world opportunities.”

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