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20 January 2020
Organizations of the Ministry of Forestry in 2019 built and commissioned 17 forestry roads with a total length of 102.5 km (with the assignment of 100 km).
17 January 2020
Volokhi Dairy Farm, with 12 robots installed, was launched in 2009
16 January 2020
In 2019, Vitebsk regional property committee sold 106 objects of unused state property at auctions.
15 January 2020
An interview with Angelica Nikitina, Chairman of the Economy Committee of Vitebsk Oblast Executive Committee to program “7 days” of TRC “Vitebsk”. Assessment of the state of the economy of the oblast, the main trends of 2019, plans for 2020 Growth points, agricultural development, the role of small and medium-sized businesses.
14 January 2020
Vitebsk Oblast ranks first in the republic in terms of the number of citizens who received assistance and the number of social services rendered. New cost-effective forms of living arrangements have been organized for more than 900 citizens.
13 January 2020
The past year 2019 was special for Orsha region. The region accompanied it with a positive attitude and significant changes in various spheres of life.
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