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24 November 2020

The farmers of Vitebsk Oblast approached the professional holiday with a good result.

23 November 2020

The mask regime has been introduced in all regions of Vitebsk Oblast, said Mikhail Vishnevetsky, head of the Main Health Care Office of Vitebsk Oblast Executive Committee.

20 November 2020

Vitebsk Oblast Clinical Maternity Hospital will be redesigned from tomorrow to provide specialized medical care to pregnant women, women in labor, parturient women, gynecological patients with COVID-19 infection.

19 November 2020

At the 14th meeting of the plenum of Vitebsk Oblast Committee of Belarusian Republican Youth Union, a new first secretary of the youth organization of Vitebsk was elected. It was Vladimir Babichev.

18 November 2020

In Vitebsk Oblast, employees of the 5 largest boarding schools switched to rotational work in connection with the new wave of COVID-19, said Vera Astapenko, head of the Department of Social Support for the Population and Stationary Institutions of the Committee for Labor, Employment and Social Protection of Vitebsk Oblastl Executive Committee.

17 November 2020

Working days in 2021 are postponed from Friday 8 January to Saturday 16 January and from Monday 10 May to Saturday 15 May, the press service of the Council of Ministers said.

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