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There are 22 agricultural companies in the region, including three pig breeding compounds, a cattle breeding compound, a poultry factory, a greenhouse compound, two experimental bases, 22 farms with the total 82.900 hectares of lands, of them 61,500 hectares are arable lands.

The total area of agricultural lands is 94.937 hectares, including 60,158 hectares of arable lands. The region specialises in milk and meat cattle breeding, grain and flax cultivation.

The annual crop productivity exceeds 30 centners per hectare. About 100,000 tonnes of grain are harvested yearly.

The harvest of rape seed in 2006 totaled 1,791 tonnes with the average crop productivity of 9.7 centners per hectare.

The production of vegetables totaled 4,452 tonnes with the average crop capacity of 261 centners per hectare.

The region specialises in food and processing industry, building materials, flour and cereals, fixed fodder, light (textile and sewing) industries. The company Ekomol accounts for over 80% of the production.

The companies produce foodstuffs and non-food products (tinned fruits and vegetables, premixes, mixed fodder, chalk, building materials), saw-timber, flax fibber, ready-made garments.

In 2006, Br86.3 billion investments were channeled into the development of the economy and social sphere. Major finances (own funds of companies and loans) accounted for 27.5%, or Br33.7 billion of the total investments. Budget financing made up 51.4% or Br44.3 billion.

Br39.5 billion investments (45.7%) were allotted to purchase equipment and means of transportation, Br32.9 billion (38.1%) – for building and assembly jobs.